2018-09-22 Lara St John & Matt Herskowitz

THE AUDIENCE AS CRITIC – September 22, 2018


LARA ST. JOHN, violin

       Ludwig van Beethoven                       Violin Sonata No. 9 “Kreutzer”
       Maurice Ravel                                         Violin Sonata No. 2 in G major
       Matt Herskowitz                                    Nagilara
       Serouj Kradjian                                      Sari Siroun Yar
       Martin Kennedy                                     Czardashian Rhapsody

O Canada! Arranged St. John/Herskowitz

Sabina Rzazade, piano

      David L. McIntyre                                  Transmissions



Young Artist Sabina Rzazade – What a treat to be able to see her perform –amazing talent. Beethoven’s Kreutzer – Wow, wow, wow! I haven’t had
such a visceral reaction to a violinist since I first screeched to a stop (in my ears) when hearing on the radio Victoria Mullova for the first time in the 80s. So emotive and visceral. Matt was also totally fantastic. So happy to have heard and seen them. Lara’s little smiles while playing were delightful. (MS)

Outstanding, energetic and passionate – certainly volcanic – violinist and
pianist. The hot lava flowed. Both performers were totally “into the music.” Beethoven must be dancing. Ravel – beautiful, controlled and sensitive. 3rd movement – again athletic and exciting. The “folk songs” showed the versatility, wonderful musicality and awesome feelings of both artists. Matt’s composition and the rhapsody were beyond belief. Encore – I have never heard a more exciting and imaginative version of “O Canada”. (VH)

Wonderful Lisztian Beethoven – powerful and powerfully thought through. Eastern European arrangements to follow were evocative and virtuosic. Excellent concert! (ME)

From the drama and rigour of Beethoven to the beauty of Ravel to the
electric, joyous 20th century works, this was a virtuosi concert with two
virtuosi artists in total sync and joyous collaboration. Their artistry and
enthusiasm was infectious. People all around me were saying “Isn’t this
wonderful!” Indeed it was! (DL)

The concert with Lara St-John and Matt Herskowitz on Saturday was simplyamazing! I enjoyed every second of it! (ML)

Outstanding. Amazing talents. Thank you. (Anonymous)

Outstanding! (BW)

Beautiful Music. At times violin could have been louder in first half.
Nagilara – “Hava Nagila” on steroids. Very talented and good chemistry.

Absolutely Awesome. (G)

Superb!!! (DW)

The opening of the Armenian piece was incredibly beautiful. (MT)

Really enjoyed it. Loved the piano – felt the violin took over a bit. Would
have liked solo piano moments. Very cute ending (encore). Hope more
people attend in the future. This is our first series and we are new and
purchased the whole season! (LP)