André Laplante

Audience as a Critic - Audience as a Critic

The Audience as Critic

Saturday, February 13, 2016


André Laplante, piano


Bach                Adagio in A minor , arr Busoni (from Toccata in C major, BWV 564)

Mozart             Piano Sonata in E-flat Major K. 282

Ravel                Valses nobles et sentimentales “Sonatine”

Liszt                 Ballade No. 2 in B minor, S. 171

Beethoven        Piano Sonata No. 26 in E-flat Major, Opus 81A “Les Adieux”


Young Artist Program

Aaron Hutton, tenor with Cary Denby, piano

Ivor Novello                 Love Is My Reason

(1893-1951)                Some Day My Heart Will Awake


Audience Comments


Wonderful, as usual! I usually enjoy music in this venue and its intimacy compared to larger venues. (HT)

Wonderful concert. André Laplante has not been with us for a long time and he is always inspiring. The young artists are also very good. I look forward to the next Virtuosi Concert. (ET)

I loved the tenor, Aaron Hutton. Beautiful, inspiring voice. André Laplante was amazing! I think he was singing softly to his music. He became one with the piano and transfixed the audience. Pure genius. Lovely choice of music. Wonderful concert! (Anon)

Great concert (André Laplante), great hall and reception. (AC)

Mozart: Played with elegance and simplicity; clear & perfectly shaped; perfection. Ravel: Every piece and movement with its own character and mood, and again, that enviable clarity. Liszt: Delicate and beautiful. Beethoven: Cantabile lovely enough to melt the ice in all of Winnipeg. (VH)

André Laplante was absolutely marvelous. We were in row 10 and could hear a distracting humming. I’m told this was Laplante- but it is very distracting and I am hard of hearing!! Great concert. (VC)

Wow! This is an evening of splendid music so fabulously played. The technique in the Mozart was so much fun to listen to, but I found the pedalling caused too much blurring – a bit over-pedalled for my taste. Ravel – so exciting, and I found the rhythmic and tempo changes so very well done! Bravo! Beethoven – awesome technique with so much style – “the explosive” outbursts came out so powerfully! Sometimes pedalling blurred the quick change of harmonies in the upper and middle registers. The humming was a bit distracting at times. Thank you so much for a rich and completely worthwhile evening of excellent music! (EM)

A. Loved Aaron Hutton. B. Too much moaning and humming! Mr. Laplante sabotages his own show while we try not to cough or anything. During the second movement of the Beethoven it sounded like he was trying to have a movement of it own! (It was just as annoying with Glenn Gould).  Is it just so noticeable in this small venue or did he actually not do this when he was younger? I never noticed it before. (Would anyone even dare mention it to him?) (Anon)

A. I enjoyed hearing those two songs at the beginning. B. Please, please get these male performers out of their ridiculous formal clothes and into something more casual. Just look at what the audience is wearing!

Enjoy the Young Artist segment. Great to see and hear a Canadian legend, André Laplante.  Liszt and encore were superb. Beethoven masterful

The Mozart, Beethoven was performed very well. Would love to hear more Liszt, Ravel, and other post- Romantic composers. Thank you! (Anon)

It was an excellent initiative to invite André Laplante. May I suggest you invite next year another great virtuoso, Valerie Tryon. She is also Canadian. Thank you for your series of recital. (GC)

If the low Canadian dollar is an issue, why not have an all- Canadian season? There are countless fine young Canadian soloists and ensembles who deserve to be heard.

Mr. Laplante plays with incredible skill and sensitivity. Re lack of little pencils: Dollarama??

(Received by email) We attended the André Laplante concert on Saturday night.  We were not impressed.  Mr. Laplante’s dexterity was wonderful but he seemed totally disconnected from the audience.  It was as if he didn’t want to be there, seemingly with a ‘let’s-get-this-over-with’ attitude. I sensed no passion with the music. Unlike the Russian pianist at the beginning of the year, Ilya Kazantsev who was fabulous.  He and the piano were as one. Just my opinion. Thanks. p.s. The tenor was perfect.  Made the evening.