Angela Hewitt

Audience as a Critic - Audience as a Critic


…my weekend with Angela



Johann Sebastian Bach
Partita No. 1 in B-flat major, BWV 825
Partita No. 2 in C minor, BWV 826

Domenico Scarlatti
Sonata in D major, Kk 491
Sonata in D major, Kk 492
Sonata in B minor, Kk 377
Sonata in E major, Kk 380
Sonata in A major, Kk 24

Maurice Ravel

Emmanuel Chabrier
Bourrée Fantasque

Claude Debussy
Clarie de lune (Encore)


Hannah Humphries, violin
Paul Williamson, piano

Sonata in B flat major, K. 378, mvt. 3


Words cannot express!  So fabulous; Angela is more amazing that I had even imagined from hearing recordings.  Thank you!!  Bach, Scarlatti, Ravel, and Chabrier must be delighted! (SB)

Fascinating to be present for and watch a great musical mind at work. Every note is expressive in relation to the whole composition. The beauty of the music comes through overwhelmingly in Ms. Hewitt’s playing. A moving experience. (Anon)

Magnificent! (Anon)

It all depends on whose hands it is in. It is hard to imagine clearer voicing, more appropriate dynamics, etc. etc.  What a delight. Mr. J.S. Bach, I believe, would be pleased to hear his music so beautifully delivered.  Scarlatti – Vibrant, sparkling – dancing – we ran out of adjectives. Simply beautiful. Perfection.  Ravel – dramatic, flamboyant or more extroverted – each style is handled with pure musicality, and enviable technique. Chabrier – amazing! Enough to take your breath away. (VH)

Angela Hewitt is simply magnificent! She gave us her heart on the stage this afternoon. Please bring her back!! (DF)

Excellent choice of music. Beautiful and masterful performance.  Inspirational and touching. Thank you. (Anon)

I have been waiting to hear you in performance for about 30 years, so I am delighted to be in Winnipeg to have this great pleasure. (I live in Tennessee where you have not appeared, to my knowledge, since we moved there in 1985, at least not in Knoxville). Thank you so much for the magic! (MH)

A musical high wire act. I’m breathless. (Anon)

Fantastic playing. Thank you for the treat! (Anon)

Ms. Hewitt’s gracious presence and elegant playing were a treat. She is, as if, singer and conductor to her own glorious orchestra. Brava! (CS)

Sheer bliss! Wonderful! I leave the concert feeling serene, and smiling! (Anon)

Excellent concert. (KC)

Music should seek humbly to please – that is all. You far exceed this mark!

Patrons on stage are distracting. Young Artist Program needs their own event. Scents are still an issue. May not return next year. Sunday program is nice. Headliners are great. (Anon)

This year’s selections have been really good – enjoyable artists. I have not grown to love Young Artist Program – hope you will remove from program. Thanks. Also, extra seats on stage – yuck! Distracting – charge us more. (AW)

I feel very privileged to have heard this great musical icon perform for us here in Winnipeg. An exhilarating experience. (Anon)

Fascinating to be present for and watch a great musical mind at work. Every note is expressive in relation to the whole composition. The beauty of the music comes through overwhelmingly in Ms. Hewitt’s playing. A moving experience. (Anon)

Enjoyed the contrast between Bach and Scarlatti. I’d like to have spent time in his world.  Your remarks really enhanced the concert. Thank you for taking us on these musical journeys. I think I have become a fan of Ravel too. (Anon)

Outstanding Bach! (DW)

Fabulous Bach! A Scarlatti “tour de force”. Loved the Chabrier fireworks! (Anon)

I’ve known Angela since the early 1980s and we’ve become close friends, so it’s no surprise to me that she blitzed your audience as she did, but still it was great to see your audience respond, both in numbers and in attention. I swear I heard a maximum of two, TWO, coughs in the entire 2 1/2 hours of the concert. So intensely attentive. (Anon)

(Received via email) Virtuosi Concerts was fantastic today. The Young Artist performers were Hannah Humphries, an awesome MB violinist, and her amazing accompanist, Paul Williamson. They played a Mozart Sonata that was beautifully done. Watch for both of them on your stage again soon.

Angela Hewitt, the internationally-renowned Canadian pianist provided an amazing performance of artistry, technical skill and musical sensitivity. She played Bach, Scarlatti, Ravel & Chabrier. I loved the flow and control in the Bach. Each phrase had its space and spoke volumes. I was close enough to the stage to be in awe of her fingers on the keys. Each touch lifted my spirits again and again.

The Scarlatti was wonderfully exciting and mischievous. She played it with such energy and passion. Each sonata had wonderful structure and evoked power and energy.

Ravel always makes me feel the mystery around us… kind of mystical.  Today was no different. In the hands of such a talented artist, it was magical.

Chabrier was new to me, and I loved the light touches and the fantasy that it evoked. I will watch for this composer again on CDs.

Wasn’t the Debussy such a magnificent way to close a remarkable afternoon! Thanks so much Harry, and the staff for all your fine work.

Ms. Hewitt is such a wonderful professional and role model for young performers, many of whom were in the overflowing and super-responsive audience. (GB)