Dalí Quartet

Audience as a Critic - Audience as a Critic


Classical Roots, Latin Passion


Domenic Salerni, violin
Carlos Rubio, violin
Maurycy Banaszek, viola
Jesús Morales, cello


Efraín Amaya

Juan Bautista Plaza
Fuga Romántica
Fuga Criolla

Joseph Haydn
String Quartet In G Major, Op. 76, No. 1

Astor Piazzolla
Four, For Tango

Joaquín Turina
La Oración Del Torero, Op. 34

Alberto Ginastera
String Quartet No. 1, Op. 20

Carlos Gardel
El Dia Que Me Quiras


Juliana Moroz, cello
David Moroz, piano

Antonín Dvořák
Silent Woods


Fabulous concert – Loved the Latin pieces. I don’t usually like Haydn and I liked tonight’s Haydn – good interpretative details throughout the piece. I appreciated the explanation for the Ginastera and enjoyed this modern quartet. So much good listening to each other within the ensemble. And the encore made me want to dance. Bravo! (CB)

Very enjoyable. Musicians clearly were having a wonderful time playing – and so was I, listening. (Anon)

My favourite of the season so far! The Dalí Quartet infused passion into every note, and picked a highly entertaining program. I was not familiar with any of the pieces, but walked away with some new favourites. Please have them back! (Anon)

Exciting program! Marvelous artistry – great sensitivity, especially the Turina. Loved the many special effects – spiccato, pizzicato, harmonies, muted sections and a couple of sounds I’ve never heard on strings! The quartet plays with great passion – love the cellist’s smiles! Rhythmic, driving passages, and fun to listen to – especially the intriguing South American. Bravo! (MM)

Haydn string quartet – how refreshing! Liked the Turina – La Oración del Torero. Delightful commentary. (MPL)

I enjoyed tonight’s concert, but I must say I preferred the Haydn and the initial Dvořák. Juliana Moroz is good! (MT)

Fantastic! (BW)

Both concerts, Fialkowska (April 5) and Dalí were excellent. Thank you. (Anon)

Great rousing opening – energetic and exciting. The temperature in the hall must have gone up 20⁰! Fugues – impressive interplay of parts – especially the Fuga Criolla. Papa Haydn really set a great pattern for string quartets – Energetic with great contrasts of dynamics and mood for each movement – most delightful. Piazzolla – unique sounds in this hot blooded Latin number – what fun. Turina – beautiful melodic lines and peaceful ending. Wonderful blend of harmonies. Ginastera – Allegro – pulsating rhythm that is energetic and gets one’s blood flowing. Wonderful technique by all the artists. Unique sounds handled with finesse and superb musicality by four talented artists. (VH)

Best Haydn I’ve ever heard. Wow. Very enjoyable and enthusiastic. Please invite these guys back! (Anon)

Very good! (DW)

The music-making was exceptional, and truly took my breath away. Their selections for this audience were most exciting and very unique. They offered us the most contemporary music one could ever hope to experience, and I for one was thrilled with their musicianship and vivacity in their brilliant concertizing. Your choices for performers are quite astounding, as they are all so gifted. (CC)

Get rid of cookies and snacks. Lower your subscription prices! (Anon)