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Audience as a Critic - Audience as a Critic




Elissa Lee, violin; Sharon Wei, viola;

Rachel Mercer, cello; Angela Park, piano

Mendelssohn Piano Quartet No. 3 in B minor, Op.3

Omar Daniel Piano Quartet No. 1: Oli enne nel’l’ä

(Once upon a time there were four maidens…)

Brahms Piano Quartet Quartet No. 2 in A major, Op. 26


Emily Rekrut-Pressey, viola

with Carole Pollard, piano

Brahms Sonata in F minor, Op. 120, IV Vivace



Omar Daniel – liked the plucking. Final movement I found dark. Mendelssohn – (pianist, Angela) Park was excellent with progression chords. Like the repetition in the left hand. Mendelssohn must have written more notes per piece than anyone else. (SK)

Thank you for returning to Winnipeg with your wonderful ensemble playing and engaging personalities. Bravo! for bringing along a new Canadian composition (Daniel) which is dramatic and soulful, a happy addition to your repertoire. Mendelssohn is always a joy and you delivered in spades. And thanks for (the) Brahms! Come again soon! An ambitious and stirring evening of music! (DL)

Enjoyed the Mendelssohn very much, particularly the second movement. My only criticism would be that the piano is too overwhelming. Could it not be only half-open? Or even shut? The Brahms was great! (MT)

Beautiful, thoughtful, passionate playing. Think about 7:00 or 7:30 start time, especially for longer programs. (Anon)

Great concert! Four brilliant musicians. Mendelssohn – outstanding piano by Angela’s fantastic and sensitive fingering. Omar Daniel – Interesting and different! Introduction by Rachel was out of this world and my favourite part of the evening, Violin and viola also blended beautifully. Brahms – terrific musicianship, blend and togetherness. Well done! Thanks! (KT)

Really enjoyable – as usual. (Anon)

Young artists should stick to works they can master for public performance, rather than ones they struggle with. Program (would) be better without the Daniel piece, and would have fit in two hours. The quartet’s playing was flawless, especially loved the Brahms. (Anon)

Felt the rhythm of part four (Daniel 4th movement) very compelling. Striking contrast between piano and undergirding chords in strings finally blending into peaceful silence. Range of styles throughout concert was impressive. Very moving performance of all three pieces. (CB)

Mendelssohn – first allegro movement – passionate, energetic virtuosic – it was all there. Technical demands were high on the scale but each musician rose to the task with apparent ease. Wonderful excitement and rich velvety tones when required. Delightful brilliant piano work was indeed a highlight. Daniel – Fascinating. Total involvement in music by the artists. Serene harmonies. 21st century music can be beautiful! Brahms’ love of rich harmonies and luscious melodies brought to life by gifted artists on each instrument. An exciting group to listen to – definitely worth losing some beauty sleep to hear them. (VH)