Sonia Chan, Nobu & more

Dear Friends,

This ‘High Note From Harry’ is a little long as it contains several messages:

  1. A poignant letter from Sonia Chan
  2. Audience As Critic: a brief look back at the tremendous response from the Nobuyuki Tsujii concert, January 20th
  3. Movies of  Note
  4. A Business Sponsorship Opportunity – Virtuosi Needs your Support
  5. A nod to our Upcoming 2013/2014 Season

Here we go…..

1.  Letter from Sonia 

In a letter to me, Sonia expressed a wish to share her artistic vision for the upcoming March2nd concert ‘Some Enchanted Evening’ with the Virtuosi audience.

Dear Harry,
I was so moved by the incredible warmth, sincerity and support from your Virtuosi audience a few years back that I felt I could address these notes to the March 2 audience in a more personal fashion than I might otherwise risk.  As we discussed, because of my recent accident and surgery, I fell into a long period of emotional despair and silence. I really did not know whether I would ever play the piano again. So this Virtuosi Concert is even more significant and deeply symbolic for me than all other concerts in my past. Please share details with your audience as you see fit.

Please click here to read more of Sonia’s letter…..

2.  Audience as Critic: Nobu Fever hits Winnipeg!  nobu

Nobuyuki Tsujii; The Van Cliburn Gold, Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our thanks to our Virtuosi Concerts patrons who virtually exhausted the lexicon of praise for Nobu’s performance as “…amazing, incredible, breathtaking, soul-stirring, phenomenal, astounding and glorious”.  “Move over Horowitz!” marvelled David Wiseman.  The experience of Yoshi Masaki was that “Nobu’s concert was greater than words”.

“This was the most stunning musical event in a long time” ~ M. Dammerman.

“The most amazing live music performance I’ve ever attended” ~ Andrea Paci

“Nobu’s musicianship transcended his blindness” ~ Elaine Segstro

“His playing was sublime” ~ Anna Doorenbos

“We were transported beyond ice and snow; his Clair de lune had more finesse than the best French wine” ~ Virginia Heinrichs

“Nobu plays as if he’s an extension of the piano” ~ Doris Bass

The Virtuosi’s Critic Prize is awarded to Shirley Kitchen: “A heroic transcending performance.  I wept at the beauty of it.”

3.  Movies of Note!  Classical Music has hit the Big Screen

Quartet – A light, frothy confection about a retirement home for old, retired musicians on a gorgeous estate, preparing a gala concert as a fundraiser.  Maggie Smith does her thing.

A Late Quartet – A truly great movie about a crisis in the life of a string quartet which threatens to tear them apart after 25 years together.  Look for a cameo by the Attacca Quartet who we presented last year. The movie is extraordinarily subtle and affecting. It will endure, but likely not long in Winnipeg.


4.  Virtuosi Needs Your Support

As you know, Virtuosi Concerts offers a unique and intimate venue to appreciate outstanding chamber music and gifted recital artists.  We need your help in continuing to deliver the Virtuosi Concert Experience that you have come to value.

Virtuosi has a tremendous opportunity to receive matched funding that could greatly benefit our concert series, but time is very short!  We have until February 28th to raise $4,000 in business sponsorship monies which would then be doubled to equal $8,000 in new funds – exclusively for the work of Virtuosi Concerts.  If you are in a position to assist us, we would love to hear from you.  Please call either Harry at 204. 786.9327 or Andrew Thomson, General Manager at 204.786.9958 (Harry will be away until February 24th).


5. Virtuosi Looks Forward – our upcoming 2013/2014 Season

On March 2nd, I will be pleased to announce the details of the 2013/2014 season.  As many of you know, one of the many perks of being a subscriber is receiving priority seating.   Your first opportunity to renew your subscription will be at the March 2nd evening concerts.   For those subscribers that will not be in attendance, your renewal cards will be in the mail March 4th.  I would encourage you to consider renewing by cheque as it saves us substantial processing fees.


Thanks for joining me.  Until next time,