Hermitage Piano Trio

Audience as a Critic - Audience as a Critic

The Audience As Critic – Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hermitage Piano Trio (Photo: Lisa-Marie Mazzucco)

Saturday, September 19, 2015 at 8 PM

Misha Keylin, violin; Sergey Antonov, cello; Ilya Kazantsev, piano

LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN: Piano Trio No. 11 in G major, Op. 121a “Kakadu

ANTON ARENSKY: Trio No. 1 in D minor, Op. 32

SERGEI RACHMANINOFF: Trio No. 1 in G minor, “Elégiaque”

JOHANNES BRAHMS: Piano Trio No.1 in B Major, Op. 8

Such a powerful trio who play with so much emotion, feeling and sympathy. (Anon)

Wonderful! Excellent musicians. Each one. (Anon)

Brahms: Wonderful harmonies and blending of the three instruments. I like the little conversations in the second movement. Easily one of the best concerts ever. (SK)

I would likely never get a subscription due to the presence of the monitors, which are distracting and diminish my experience greatly. (C)

What a wonderful concert to open the 25th anniversary. An excellent program played with musical integrity, passion and total involvement. Thank you, Harry and staff. (PT)

I have appreciated a lot Arensky’s trio. It was a discovery for me. I like the violinist in particular. I will try to find a record of this work. Congratulations for your anniversary! I am pleased to attend your concerts. (Anon)

Beethoven– a most charming piece. Each variation has its own character and colour. Each instrument had its “say”- every phrase was beautifully shaped, and as the other instruments entered, each added its own colour. A great way to start the season. Arensky– Rich, full, a great full- bodied sound. The virtuosity never became the main feature, as every musician handled it with ease, and made the music come to life in its own right. Rachmaninov– It is difficult to find enough superlatives to describe the great sound. Brahms– Three gifted musicians and three times the pleasure rolled into one exceptional sound. (VH)

First let me say how happy and excited I am to hear about the Young Artist Program series that you have started. IF Saturday (19) performance by David Troya is any indication, we are in for some wonderful music.I think it is a great way to give up-and-coming artists a forum to test out their skills. Keep up the good work. Secondly, The Hermitage Trio was terrific.They are wonderfully accomplished musicians, who have fine feel for the quality and character of the music.I loved the way Kazantsev was able to play as a soloist, accompanist, and then dig in as an equal character in the trio sections. He obviously loves what he is doing. Antonov made the cello sing with beautiful rich tones and clarity. I am falling in love with cello music as my hearing changes. Keylin loves those running passages, and attacks them with enthusiasm and confidence.This was a wonderful team to open our 25th season. I thank you for it. I wish them much success in the years ahead. (…) Congratulations on a lovely evening, and a superb listing for the year ahead.(GB)

(Compiled by Jeremy Strub)