Madeline Hildebrand and the WSO String Ensemble

Audience as a Critic - Audience as a Critic




Gwen Hoebig, violin
Karl Stobbe, violin
Elation Pauls, violins
Dan Scholz, viola
Yuri Hooker, cello
Meredith Johnson, bass
With guest,Haley Marie, flute

Johann Sebastian Bach
Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D major, BWV 1050
Keyboard Concerto No. 1 in D minor, BWV 1052

Franz Schubert
Piano Quintet in A major, D. 667 “Trout”

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Lynlee Wolstencroft, soprano
Indra Egan, piano

Giacomo Puccini
“Donde Lieta” from La Bohème

Sunday, December 11, 2016
Theresa Thordarson, piano

Claude Debussy
Reflets dans l’eau from Images Book 1



Brandenburg – First movement – the piano brought out wonderfully the clockwork tempo Bach’s vehicle for his emotional appeal. Second movement – here the piano, instead of harpsichord, tended to drown out the flute. All over – very stirring, very present – beautiful!

Keyboard Concerto in D minor wonderful! Madeline did a wonderful job with the very difficult piano part! Again, having a piano instead of harpsichord brought the solo part to the fore. Bravo!! (JN)

Madeline Hildebrand and WSO Strings: Bach #5 – energetic & vibrant – clarity in all. Keyboard Concerto – very lively and energetic first movement – especially clear fingerwork and life shown by Ms. Hildebrand. Second movement – rich melody superbly handled by the piano and continued by the strings. Sparkling technique and colourful playing made this a most enjoyable performance. Schubert – splendid interplay of parts. Phrases shaped to perfection. Melody [Die Forelle] that could warm even the Winnipeg weather. Delightful, Charming, Thrilling. (VH)

This is my first Virtuosi concert and I loved it! Thank you for making these concerts possible, especially for supporting such amazing local & young talent. Maddy Hildebrand! – WOW! And it is so great to get young people out to witness such performances! Thank you! (Anon)

It was wonderful. Music well played. Madeline is a very enthusiastic and excellent performer. Bach is always remarkable. I really enjoyed the Trout Quintet. It is always a delight. Very well played here! (HT)

Fantastic concert. So glad to see our local musicians playing in this series. (CS)

This has been the best one so far! Solid music! My suggestion is to have more “Made in Manitobas”. This allows more performers playing on the stage, but for the same budget as that of inviting international performers. A large group always has a unique depth. We also have lots of local talent. (Anon)

How fabulous! What a treat to hear so many exceptional musicians in such a lovely concert! (MH)

Wonderful concert – such good music played by such excellent musicians. (BL)

This was a magnificent concert, well promoted and beautifully executed. Brava Madeline, bravo all musicians, Virtuosi, and all your funders. (Anon)

Please put the air conditioning on during the concert. We are sweltering in the top rows and it takes away from the pleasure of listening. Please! (Anon)

Excellent – a beautiful concert and our best to (GH???) (Anon)

Outstanding! (DB)

Madly in love with the Ensemble (and Maddy, of course). (JA)

Schubert – a bit boring. Bach – excellent. (DW)

Absolutely fabulous – I sat where I could watch Maddy’s face and it was a radiant expression of the music she was playing. I was impressed with how well all the players played together. Totally in synch. (EM)

The WSO String ensemble with Madeline Hildebrand was an excellent experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. I was enthralled by Madeline’s piano playing. I was quite fascinated by her fingers moving across the keys, especially for Bach’s piece which was supposed to be played with a harpsichord. Although that part did sound rather well on the piano, I could feel it was composed for the harpsichord. Not an issue though. The young Manitoba artists were interesting. The singer took the show more than the piano player. I know little about what I presume is Opera music, but she seemed to hit all the appropriate notes and tones. Her piano player, however, seemed off that night. Her performance on the piano felt somewhat broken, like there was not a smooth flow in her playing. (GN)

Last night’s concert was very fine. The WSO String Ensemble is always excellent, but the addition of a young Manitoba artist made it extra special. The rapport between the ensemble and the pianist was very evident, and they all seemed so happy working together. Madeline Hildebrand is a very gifted musician and is a pleasure to hear and watch. Altogether it was a very exciting evening. P.S. I also enjoyed the repertoire. (AB)

Madeline Hildebrand gave Virtuosi Concerts a virtuosi performance. Accompanied by her friends in the WSO String Ensemble, she sparkled in not one, not two, but THREE major works featuring the piano. Every one was a delight from first note to last. Her enthusiasm, musicality and sheer love of the music shone through the whole program. The warmth and sensitivity of all concerned provided a memorable concert of the highest quality. (DL)


Another wonderful program of beautiful music. The performers are all awe inspiring in their accomplishments and dedication to their art. Way to go performers and Virtuosi. (MV)

The Schubert was gorgeous, particularly because it didn’t seem that the piano was trying to defeat the other instruments. The flute was inaudible. Any chance you might close the piano half-way? (MT)

Beautiful opening performance. I enjoyed the first third, however with the low flute register, I almost wished she was miked – piano, not harpsichord and modern instruments made me feel the flute was overwhelmed. Maddy is such an animated player. I really enjoy watching as well as listening. Thank you for the intimate setting. (LW)

Excellent concert. Such great local talent. Liked the program: Bach and Schubert. (MP)

First part – good. Second part – Schubert quintet – full of life, exuberance, musicians were enjoying themselves. (LW)

Theresa Thordarson – her interpretations were well planned and fantastic. I like her as a Debussy player, but sometimes she lacks sound projection. All in all, it was amazing and fun to listen to. Brandenburg Concerto 5– Allegro – I like their sound as a group, even though they got lost somewhere in the piece, they still managed to play it beautifully. I love the cadenza of Madeline and their recapitulation. Affettuoso Allegro – I love how they attacked the first theme. They are super exact. Keyboard Concerto – Allegro – I love how Madeline sets the mood/ambiance for the group. Very musical. The articulation is very clear. Ornaments are fantastic like trills. Trills are majestic. They are very exact. Adagio – opening note of the pianist perfect. Second movement – very musical. Allegro – I love the precision in how they play the piece, very confident, exciting to hear. Schubert – Allegro vivace – Good texture. Sometimes I can’t hear the main melody. Strings sometimes louder than the piano, so when the piano plays the main melody, it cannot be heard. I like the violinist when she plays her part. Andante – I like when the strings plays their parts and the piano accompanies them. But when the strings accompany the piano, the strings kind of overpower the melody of the piano. Scherzo Presto – very exact. I can now hear the main melody. Love their ensemble in this movement. Andantino-Allegretto – I love their opening theme, melody of the piano. I can now hear [piano] very clearly because strings toned down. I love the dynamic contrast. Interpretation in this movement is excellent. Allegro giusto – very well played. Very exact. The piano part plays brilliantly. Ensemble was perfect. (JRP)

Wow! First time. Will come again. Exceptional talent. (L&KG)