New Zealand String Quartet / Igor Begelman

Audience as a Critic - Audience as a Critic

The Audience As Critic – Saturday, November 7, 2015

New Zealand String Quartet
Helene Pohl, Douglas Beilman, violins;
Gillian Ansell, viola; Rolg Gjelsten, cello

Igor Begelman, clarinet

John Psathas
“Manos, Unbridled”

Timothy Corlis
Raven and The First Men

Felix Mendelssohn
String Quartet No. 1 in E flat major, Op. 12

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Clarinet Quintet in A major, K.

Audience Comments

I am enthralled with the first part of the program tonight. The Corliss was like nothing I have heard before. It made music different and lovely and wonderful. Enjoyed the Psathas. More music like this will bring young faces & me to the concerts happily… The group: fantastic; sparkling; great energy. (Anon)

A real pleasure; most enjoyable. Great intimate setting. (Anon)

Psathas- haunting; sometimes bold & passionate; a great combination with great artists. Corliss- brilliant; listeners and performers were totally caught up in the music, unaware of the amazing technique required to make it happen. Bravo! Mendelssohn- 1. Adagio- Warmly melodic and divinely played by each artist; a most warm blend of parts to make a delightfully warm performance. 2. Canzonetta- Youthful exuberance; playful and lighthearted. 3. Andante espressivo- Achingly lovely playing that came from deep within! 4. Molto allegro e vivace- Passionate; each artist seemed part of the whole and each instrument seemed like a part of the performer.Mozart- Pure eloquence plus the velvety sound of the clarinet. It can’t get much better. (V.H.)

The visual, the artist, the posters, the audio-composer, the meld. The spoken word, the poet. Thank you for the creative evening connecting to the arts. (Anon)

Lovely concert! The Mozart is always one of my favourites. I particularly enjoyed the sensitive communication between cello and clarinet. The Raven piece was very moving and expressive. The visuals were helpful. (Anon)

The clarinet basset clarinet are wonderful instruments. (The players of the New Zealand String Quartet were also terrific). Why, however, am I, after four seasons hearing clarinet music for the first time here? (J.P.)

A truly wonderful musical evening! Bravo! Well done! Many many thanks! (K.M.)

Young Artist Program an excellent idea. I also liked the modern pieces and visual elements. (Anon)

Shame we have to endure two pieces of new music to hear real classics (Anon)

Corliss piece outstanding. Mendelssohn piece boring. (D.W.)

What an outstanding performance. One of my favourites. We are blessed to have Virtuosi in our lives. Thank you. (R.J.)

Enjoyed Mozart. The clarinet gave it such life. Thank you, Harry, for your choice this evening. (Anon)

Good video support of the music. However, you may want to balance the colour values- The left monitor is “warmer” than the right one! (P. H.)

Miss Rekrut-Pressey was a treat. I wonder if she is a descendant of Alexander Pressey, the U of M Psychology Professor. The posters are rather nice too. (Anon)

(Compiled by Jeremy Strub)