Fine Arts Quartet

A Legendary Debut – and Reunion

Some 15 years ago, both Michael Kim and the Fine Arts Quartet were resident faculty at universities in Wisconsin. They met informally several times and had occasion to dream about a variety of future musical collaborations.  But life happens, and they never had an opportunity to perform together – UNTIL NOW.  So this reunion is really a first union.

Michael Kim told me how thrilled he was to be performing with the Fine Arts Quartet, finally, and to do so on the  Virtuosi Concerts series.  “That it is the Schumann Piano Quintet that brings us together is an added bonus”, he said.  “It’s a work of great emotion and nuance”.

You may remember an earlier appearance by Michael Kim a few years ago in the theatre piece called “Schumann Letters” on our stage.  Michael says that “Robert Schumann is the quintessential Romantic composer – romantic in every sense.  He sustained a passionate romance with his wife Clara, reflected in the thousands of letters they exchanged.”

Michael describes how “she remained Robert’s inspiration and he dedicated the piano quintet to her.  Moreover, Clara was slated to be the pianist for the premiere in 1842.  However, she fell ill on the day of the performance and their good friend, Felix Mendelssohn stepped in, playing the difficult piano part by sight.”
Schumann’s Piano Quintet is in E-flat major, “a key chosen to express the noble and the heroic,” said Michael.  “It was a special homage to Beethoven whose Eroica Symphony and Emperor Concerto were both composed in E-flat major.”  So the work is an artistic homage to Beethoven as well as to Clara.

Join us on October 5 as we make musical history in Manitoba with the FINE ARTS QUARTET AND MICHAEL KIM, and Mozart, Debussy and Schumann.

See you soon,