2014-04-12 Christopher Taylor

The Audience As Critic- Saturday April 12, 2014

Christopher Taylor (Photo: Katrin Talbot)



Bach: Aria mit 30 Veränderungen BWV 988 “Goldberg Variations”

Beethoven: Piano Sonata No.32 in C minor, Op.111

Audience Comments:

Christopher Taylor gave an amazing performance of the Goldberg Variations! My first time hearing and seeing it performed live. It has added another layer to my appreciation of JS Bach! (TT)

Stupendous! Incredible playing by an amazing pianist. So wonderful to hear these two powerful pieces played together by a virtuosic piano player! GREAT! (LB)

Goldberg Variations – brilliant! The Beethoven was gorgeous. I was mesmerized by his playing. I think this was my favourite program this year. (AK)

Mr. Taylor played the Goldberg Variations with genuine depth of perception. Who needs Glenn Gould?! The Beethoven Sonata was rendered superbly. A tour de force to have both of them on the same program. Even the encore charmed us all. (RT)

Bach – got my attention from the first note and never let up! A great feel for the music – engaging, lyrical, dramatic! Thank you! (DL)

\A stunning performance. The perfect balance between mechanics and emotion. There was always a sense of strict time and rhythm, with every note having something to say, and with emotion to convey to the listener. Brilliant. Well done! (DS)

Goldberg Variations: As eagerly anticipated, as crisp, as refreshing as meltwater running on the first day of spring: Mr. Taylor braids the variations together as naturally as rivulets gather into brooks with torrents that swell into a wondrous inland sea. Spring is hope – it’s eternal. Bravo & Merci (Anon)

Thank you, as always for a great concert. Thoroughly enjoyed it. (RL)

Very good technician. So hard to play with perfection. Very enjoyable! (LF)

Wonderful concert as usual. (Anon)

Wow, great event as usual. Nice to have Harry organizing everything. (LA)

Brilliant! (MC)

Magnificent! (DW)

Excellent Concert. (MPL)

It was great to have Mr. Taylor perform the Bach. Goldberg Variations. It was interesting to hear how he treated the work, as compared with Jalbert who did them for WMC last year. Taylor was much more aggressive in his playing. He needed to let the poetry breathe between each of the items. But the attack was not as important as the sensitivity in my view. The Beethoven was very well played.  These two works certainly balanced each other; they were complementary and showed his technical skills well. When he played softly, he was very sensitive to the line and mood in the poetry.  It was obvious that he really enjoyed the “rag time” in the Beethoven the most! The encore was popular, and retained the mood of the other two pieces. Thanks for bringing this fine pianist to our city. (GB)

He’s okay, but not an exciting performer. I’m sorry we could not have Minsoo who was originally scheduled. (HT)

Thank you for an excellent season of chamber music. You provided fine artists, variety in programs, and a warm congenial atmosphere. The final program with Christopher Taylor was a superb conclusion to the season. Mr. Taylor chose a most challenging repertoire and shared his knowledge, artistry, and musical understanding with generosity, passion and love. The Goldberg Variations were a joy to experience as was the Beethoven Sonata No.32. Both works demand the utmost in technique, physical stamina and spiritual awareness. Mr. Taylor met the challenge! (PT)

Extra chairs up front are so annoying- sound quality! This is a great room for music- why do you mess with extra bodies on stage and charge me 5 dollars more each time- [I] want a clear stage. P.S.: Let the room sell out! Create demand. (AW)


(NOTE: Christopher Taylor replaced Minsoo Sohn, who could not perform due to an injury)