2011-09-24: The Borealis String Quartet

Audience as Critic

  1. The best string quartet I’ve ever heard! Exquisite playing, amazing sound, dynamic and exciting.
    Thank you for bringing them here!
  2. The concert was very well done.
    Lots of energy. 
  3. At moments, ethereal, as though beyond instruments and musicians.
  4. Very fine ensemble playing. Very evocative and agile.(Would love to see them play standing up, especially the 1st violinist)
  5. O.M.G !! What an outstanding performance by four outstanding musicians! Of a superb musical program!! Fantastic evening. The bar has been set very high!
  6. Crystal clear sounds played with passion and precision. The second piece (Shostakovich) contrasted perfectly in theme by evoking a sense of the war.
    The performance of the Grieg quartet was electrifying with so many changes in tone and tempo.
  7. The Beethoven was wonderful, as was the Grieg. The group were all great musicians with a lot of verve and passion.
  8. The Beethoven was brilliant, but the Shostakovich was extraordinarily affecting. I look forward to the Grieg.
  9. What a treat to listen to such accomplished artists. The Beethoven and Grieg were outstanding. Enjoyed the concert very much.
  10. They play music as if it really matters- They took us on a voyage of discovery throughout. The composers themselves would have been astonished at this seeming immortality of music.
  11. Well! I never expected to hear- almost see- fiery figures dancing off of the bows of the string players. They have taken these pieces to a new level, I believe. Unforgettable. Let’s hear more from them.