2011-12-03: Adam Aleksander

Audience as Critic

  1. Comments: I am very grateful to hear live these magnificent etudes, and played so impressively! The Schubert pieces were sweet.
  2. This was a very exciting concert with very secure playing. A whole evening of Liszt is a bit much, and I appreciated the Schubert pieces and transcriptions. At times one might have wished for more modulation, a bit less “forte”, but maybe it’s not in the nature of the music. It is great that this unusual repertoire is performed.
  3. Wonderful concert- pianist was amazing! Extremely enjoyable! Such an amazingly talented pianist. Hope to be able to hear him again.
  4. Adam was wonderful. He has an extraordinary talent. This was two hours and twenty minutes that flew by and left us wishing to hear more. I hope he will come back soon.
  5. Most wonderful concert!
  6. I like piano solos. Thank you so much
  7. Superb concert Harry. Hope we can have Adam back again.
  8. How wonderful to have a pianist with such skill and control of the keyboard. Very enjoyable for us. Thank you Harry Strub for bringing this concert to us.
  9. Adam, your hands perform with the majesty, power, and discipline of Lipizzaner Stallions to the cues of heart and mind. Thank you for coming.
  10. Intensity, fluidity, passion and precision- A.A’s pianistic efforts are a joy to behold. A spectacular substitution for the cancelled ‘Mexico Meets Manitoba’ Programme.
  11. Certainly well done- he’s a fantastic pianist, especially because Liszt is very difficult to play. Thoroughly enjoyed.
  12. Tender and tumultuous, rich and resonant, also beautifully delicate (Schubert Gb+). Amazingly fleet fingers and drive. Is this Liszt incarnate? Fortunately we do not have to pay per note. There was technique to spare, but at times I felt more emphasis on the lyrical quality would have let the beauty of the music shine rather than the amazing technical ability. Chopin was outstanding.
  13. An artist and a concert that leaves you speechless. The power, virtuosity, and acrobatics were outstanding, and, I guess, Liszt himself played like this, too. That human hands can accomplish this, and a mind hold this all together is just incredible. A miracle also, the symbiosis between man and the instrument.