2011-12-11: Peter Vinograde

Audience as Critic

  1. Always enjoyed the concerts because your choice of performers is excellent.
  2. Peter Vinograde is a superb pianist, and the orchestra played very well. I only wonder whether the hall is a bit too small for an orchestra of this size.
  3. We are truly fortunate to have so many talented musicians right here at home. Do it more often if you can.
  4. Heavenly! Sublime! A wonderful concert Harry: Hope they can come again next year.
  5. What fun!
  6. Mozart and Mentors – Crisp, clear and enthusiastic. Whether it was Wolfgang or Leopold it was delightful. Haydn – a piece of sunshine with Peter Vinograde’s nimble fingers to make it sparkle. The interplay of parts keeps everyone interested and engaged in the music. Great fun. Mozart- Elegant and refined on the part of the orchestra and Pianist Peter Vinograde to make this seem easy and fun- fun it is, but the clarity and sparkle is not simple as any pianist knows. A great concert.
  7. Wonderful intimate atmosphere and sound. The musicians are obviously enjoying themselves. I love the programming of this concert and virtuosic playing. I especially enjoyed the C.P.E. Bach. This unknown piece to me looked back to the Baroque, but definitely looked ahead even beyond Mozart (to me). Mozart- the master! Wonderful to hear this concerto live. Most enjoyable evening.
  8. A magnificent concert. 18 musicians so very skilled presenting us with such wonderful music! I haven’t enjoyed a pianist for so very long- I must continue to return to Virtuosi. Great Concert!
  9. I love the concert. I want to come back again. (6 year old reviewer)
  10. Thank you Harry for a wonderful 2011 season.
  11. Wonderful!
  12. Thanks for clarifying the historical facts about Mozart and Salieri! A delightful concert! I was glad that CPE Bach’s “Variations on Lafalia” was also included. The warm, cheerful Haydn concerto was also enjoyable.
  13. Loved the classical program and the combination of pianist and chamber players. (Peter) Vinograde has a real feel for this music. (Peter) Vinograde’s warm and emotional performance of the Mozart was a fitting end to the evening.