2012-01-21: Trio Micheletti

Audience as Critic

  1. I really loved how the violin sounded when she went up really high. It sounded wonderful. That was amazing! Wow!!!!! (10 year old reviewer)
  2. Really talented. Cello was outstanding in third Spanish dance. Loved how the instruments fit in with each other. Pianist excellent.
  3. Absolutely fantastic! Loved It! Thank you!
  4. Superb skill, with great entertainment value.
  5. Marvelous choices of music. Intricate, startling, varied. Passionate playing, with great commitment, appreciation of this music, and great mastery. Outstanding evening of music, outstanding performing.
  6. Young, happy, friendly, energetic! Highly skilled players. Great choices for a varied concert! Bravo!
  7. Delightful concert! I particularly enjoyed the obvious rapport among the three musicians! Verve! Spirit! Esprit!
  8. I enjoyed the concert very much. All the individual players were excellent, and very friendly. Andre’s little voice solo was spontaneous and well received. Too bad they didn’t have any CDs for sale yet.
  9. A captivating selection of pieces superbly well played. They caught the mood of each piece perfectly.
  10. I enjoyed immensely what was, for me, a perfect blend of sounds from the violin and cello. A bright, rich and full tone throughout the tonal and dynamic ranges of both instruments. A lively, and thoroughly entertaining evening!
  11. The trio’s playing together was seamless. The pianist’s hands danced across the keys. It was poetry in motion. All the performers had warm and welcoming personalities and were technically excellent.
  12. Precision, virtuosity, awesome technique, combined with piano. Musically, Beethoven was superb- the pianist shone with clarity and wonderful contabile.
    Later rhythms were perfect in exact time with sensuous melodies. Most of the snow should have been melted before the evening is over. Three fine musicians who make a superb ensemble. The music world should watch this group with special attention to the pianist. I don’t think there is a piece that she could not handle with complete ease.
  13. What a treat to see and hear three brilliant young musicians enjoying their music and each other. Great performance. Well Done!
  14. Great to hear South American repertoire. Lovely Piazolla!
  15. Very lovely. Loved the Latin flavours. Beethoven op.1 No. 3 hard to follow. All the best!
  16. You make beautiful music together. I especially enjoyed the assorted Spanish dance music.