2012-02-04: Rolf Schulte and James Winn

Audience as Critic

  1. An interesting concert, but in some ways a very idiosyncratic one- the very intense vibrato was not always to my taste. The pianist was excellent- very secure and sensitive.
  2. I found Herr Schulte’s sweetness of tone as amazing as our young friend two weeks ago. Wow!
  3. I enjoyed the enthusiastic playing and wonderful musicianship. The repertoire was first class, great variety. Commentaries much appreciated!
  4. Excellent programme! Brilliant performances thereof! A treat both visually+ aurally
  5. Except for the Janacek, the music went from the sublime to the ethereal. The acrobatics were distracting, but when music enters the soul it doesn’t just sit there. It bounces around seeking an outlet. You could see it exiting in his bodily movements.
  6. Beethoven- a delightful start to the evening- wonderful collaboration and delightful energy. Beethoven’s slow movements are always worth waiting for- this was no exception- warm, soaking phrases handed back and forth between piano and violin like a warm conversation. The allegro was a lively romp and dance- exciting and uplifting. Delightful. Janacek- Full of passion and wonderful themes and rhythms, some of them surprisingly played with precision, and conveying the passion in the music. Ravel- Lush harmonies played with warmth and enthusiasm- a total mastery of the music. Stravinsky- Enviable technique, which did not draw attention. Schubert- Schubert certainly knew how to write a great theme and these two certainly knew how to bring out the best in it. The Crème
  7. I liked the Schubert best of all. It was superb. That’s music- very well played.
  8. “Tender” is the adjective that came to my mind at the opening of the Beethoven. We were practically eavesdropping on the pillow talk between the violin and the piano.
  9. I came to hear Beethoven. I was not disappointed in Rolf and James’ interpretation. I was kept engaged and was captivated. The Janacek Sonata was very similar in emotion to the Beethoven. It is always nice to be surprised, although no one is better than Beethoven. It is always helpful to hear a little about the piece that is being played. The second half I heard James more especially in the Ravel, and I’m a violinist, but overall, a dramatic, intense virtuosic display of both musicians and their masters. Thank you.
  10. Harry, your advertising was misleading. You should have told us to expect- a violinist, dancer, and drummer accompanied by a talented and reliable supporter. His gyrations thoroughly distracted me in the Beethoven. Then I gave up and closed my eyes.

    Soon I found myself being transported by rhythmical and effective musical interpretation. The piano was always firmly and artistically in place. Mr. Schulte’s explanations were appreciated, also peppered with name dropping. He is obviously knowledgeable about his composers. I loved Ravel and Schubert with my eyes closed. A great rest for the eyes. Janacek was exciting too. Wonderful touch, and technical agility. I guess I will listen to him on CD.