2012-02-25: Attacca String Quartet

Audience as Critic

  1. Love at first sound- enthusiasm, impeccable clarity- wonderful unity of sound- at times, like a conversation, especially between 1st violin and cello- old Franz Joseph couldn’t have imagined it any better- I’m sure even the cob webs in the palace would dance in glee, absolutely delightful. Janacek- The enormous demands of his music were met with ease. Passion & drama abounded- Bravo! Barber- beautifully arched phrases- control to the last dying note. The audience held their breath. Mendelssohn- Again- wonderful velvety tone. Perfect communication and a pure delight to hear. Each movement done with its distinct tone and character.
  2. Like the vivacity and the strength of their playing. Found the body and facial movements a little too distracting at times. Very skilled artists. Thanks for bringing them to Winnipeg!
  3. Beautifully played. Very well presented. All the instruments were equal in a fine ensemble sound. A most felicitous substitution!
  4. Tonight’s performance was outstanding! Finest string performance here since Hadelich last year (although the two cannot be compared). – special honours for the first violinist in the Mendelssohn movements.
  5. Attacca- what a wonderful treat! Energetic, intense, expressive, moving, delightful- We’ll be looking forward to hearing more and more wonderful things about this quartet as it continues its career.
  6. I’m blown away. Such vitality, sensitivity, and craftsmanship!
  7. Wow! Excellent concert! First time to Virtuosi event and look forward to many more.
  8. Bring Attacca back, even if it takes three years! Andrew Yee is the most emotive cellist on Earth. These four play perfectly together.
  9. Thank you for an evening of stupendous music- challenging, vibrant, profoundly moving. Harry- we are so very fortunate to have you working to bring us continuously superlative concerts.
  10. Wonderful concert. We enjoyed it tremendously.
  11. Never heard quartet playing like this. A great treat! Thank you.
  12. Very charismatic performers. Haydn exquisite! Janacek- so very well emphasized through the spoken words and facial expression (although the cello is overdoing it!), it was made so beautiful. The whole concert- a fine, mature, sensitive accomplishment.
  13. Brilliant concert, brilliant performers
  14. Superb! Exciting! Stunning! I loved it
  15. The group enjoyed playing as much as I enjoyed listening to them. Bravo!! Wonderful concert. Thank you
  16. Loved it- most especially want to express how wonderful the cellist is- such sensitivity, such elegance- such phrasing. Each phrase vibrantly breathing with life! And the violist as well- so much wonderful feeling and sonorous, passionate tone! Fabulous! Thank you!
  17. If being completely committed to the music they are playing is the mark of fine musicians, their focus certainly measures up. The Haydn quartet had nuances rarely heard- at least by me. The Janacek quartet, with the pre-performance talk, as delightful extra, should be the ‘must play’ for every violist!
  18. Wonderful music making. Janacek piece weird, but terrific! Artistic host was excellent! Janacek and Haydn the best pieces.
  19. 2 thumbs up! 5 stars ! 100%! What togetherness! They communicate as if they share heart, mind, soul!… and what expressiveness!! (I particularly enjoyed watching the cellist!!)
  20. All good