2012-03-10: Cecilia Quartet and Georgy Tchaidze

Audience as Critic

  1. Not being a Prokofiev fan, I thought this young pianist did a great job in showing how beautiful this composer’s work can be. He managed to bring out each musical idea with clarity, whether it be a delicate pianissimo or a full throttle fortissimo. His pedal technique was amazing. He must have a well-connected foot, brain, and hand. Otherwise, this sonata could be more of a mess than Winnipeg streets with potholes in spring. A great performance – striking contrasts – all with great sounds. Janacek: Passionate, energetic, and dramatic – great to see and hear. Enviable technique that allowed the quartet to become totally involved in the music. Dvorak: A velvety theme from the cello with a flowing piano – what a way to begin a piece. Wonderfully shaped phrases made the themes melt into one another. Superb artistry from each artist as individuals and as ensemble. Wonderful.
  2. What a superb concert! It was easy to fall in love with these five young people. It was exciting and full of contrasts; such a fine piano soloist turning into a subtle part of a quintet. Such a complicated, almost chaotic Janacek. Then the melodious Dvorak so well known by all of us! Excellent.
  3. Loved the program. These young players have great emotional depth and musicality.
  4. All the aspects of Slavic music – the brooding Prokofiev, the strident tones of the Janacek, and the lovely luscious melodies of Dvorak. All excellently played.
  5. We enjoy the young artists and veterans. Hats off to giving concert opportunities to the young.
  6. Dvorak was gorgeous. The explanation of the Janacek was certainly appreciated.
  7. Delicious Dvorak! Watching their ensemble playing was a revelation.
  8. Prokofiev- too gloomy for a Winnipeg winter! Janacek- very interesting. Dvorak- Delightful!
  9. Second and third movements of the Prokofiev were superb. Janacek well prepared but depressing!! Dvorak a wonderful treat!!
  10. Yet another 5- star concert!! Thank You!
  11. Wonderful concert. Great artists.
  12. Beautiful concert.
  13. Exceptional musicianship, daring choices.