2012-03-31: Amelia Piano Trio

Audience as Critic

  1. Very Impressive Especially loved historical context re: Beethoven & Haydn
    Placed a real human context on music and period. Well done! – thanks
  2. Loved the Shostakovich!
    It was like a big family argument, all intensity & emotion, and arguments repeated until finally everyone agrees & they all turn in for the night.
  3. Wall-to-wall superb playing. They so played to hold our attention: We didn’t miss a beat
  4. Another delightful concert – and the intimate venue and “haimish” atmosphere & chats enhanced it!
  5. And the three became one – woven into a beautiful tapestry with all strands heard and still blending. Haydn: Delightful sparkling piano themes; the allegro danced along so well I’m sure there will be tulips in bloom tomorrow.
    – Beethoven – again wonderful energy. The hymn-like largo was a wonderful contrast with the breathtaking shape and soft tones. – Shostakovich – Played with great passion and expressed with great emotion – technique never getting in the way of the music. Most interesting techniques and sounds. Exciting to see and hear.
  6. A feast for the ear. A true trio – wonderful communication and harmony between them. Armstrong was delightful to watch. Besides, ”Trio” is the best form of music isn’t it? Thank you Haydn and Beethoven for the joy. Shostakovich could not have been played any better; utterly moving.
  7. Marvelous playing. Sensitive interpretation. Bring them back!!! Haydn was excellent. Beethoven – marvelous. Shostakovich – demonstrative.