2012-04-14: Ying String Quartet

Audience as Critic

  1. Excellent string quartet playing, vigorous, elegant, smooth but also a very interesting program. Chamber music at its finest.
  2. ‘Startling’ music (first half); keeps you awake; very evocative and beautiful
    Richly played; deep and full sound. Fine communication between players.
  3. The Ying’s performance was spirited, precision–driven, emotionally nuanced.
  4. Musicians were excellent. 2nd piece was too modern for my taste
  5. Outstanding Beyond words.
  6. Rich velvety sound, soaring melodies and perfectly arches phrases all wrapped up in Arensky’s quartet. Billy Childs – Intense drama, passion-all done with finesse – most interesting Beethoven – Wonderful warm melodies complete with rich harmony a wonderful blend – I’m sure Ludwig would have been delighted to hear this performance. A great performance to leave us with and look forward to next season.