2013-01-20: Nobuyuki Tsujii

Audience as Critic

January 20, 2013 performance

Nobuyuki Tsujii, piano:  The Van Cliburn Goldnobu


DEBUSSY: Deux Arabesques, Suite bergamasque, Estampes, L’Isle joyeuse.
CHOPIN: Grande Valse brillante in E flat major, Op.18 Scherzo No.2 in B-flat minor, Op.3 Polonaise-Fantasie in A flat major, Op. 61,Polonaise No. 6 in A flat major, Op.53 “Heroique”


Amazing. Wonderful clarity for Debussy, which is often lacking; Breathtaking shimmering tones in Clair de lune — more finesse than the best French wine. All the colours in the music. Nobu does not need his eyesight to facilitate this! The Valse brilliante was truly brilliant — no it was dazzling, not only in technique, but in passion and colour. Chopin again had the requisite refined detail as well as the Polish fire. Nobu has the ability to caress the keys and make them shimmer or to project fire and brilliance. There were many breathtaking moments and subtleties. Simply amazing. We were transported beyond ice and snow. ~ Virginia Heinrichs

This was the most stunning, moving musical event in a long time! The achievement cannot be understood by the layman. I was close to tears about the courage, discernment, and bravura of this young man. It’s a miracle, just as it’s a miracle how someone can write a symphony being deaf!  Even given extraordinary talent, it is still incomprehensible how he can find order on the instrument. What do the movements of the head indicate? ~ M. Dammermann

Absolutely outstanding. A great introduction to my first visit to a Virtuosi concert. I thought I would have a chance to daydream, but the wonderful music had me totally engrossed. Great music that makes a piano talk. Concert arrangements lovely! ~ Margaret Framingham

I’ve been to many different concerts, but there were not many which made people weep and move their hearts. Nobu’s concert was one of these rare concerts which spoke to people’s hearts directly through the music. Very impressive as a musician, that was something that I really want to be, and I want to learn from him. ~ W. Rachel Roh

Nobu’s musicianship has transcended his blindness. As an audience we were transported into another realm with his virtuosity and musicality. What a gift, and what a delight to have been part of the experience. ~ Elaine Segstro

It was a delightful surprise to get a call regarding the extra seating. Thanks so much! What a gift! The concert was incredible — what artistic skill. Winnipeg and Virtuosi Concerts are very fortunate to have hosted a pianist of this calibre. Thanks again. ~ Elaine Adam

Like experiencing a Maxfield Parrish painting. Very charming, with the ability to melt my soul. Thank you for this experience. Chopin – easy to imagine his presence. ~ Cynthia Huener

Some people play at the piano, some people play on the piano. Nobu plays as if he’s an extension of the piano. He’s at one with the piano producing magnificent sound and music. A truly unique performer. ~ Doris Bass

We spend our days dwelling in cabins of spruce wood. Today, we took respite in a mansion of mahogany. Thank you, Nobuyuki. ~ Murray MacBeath

Big-boned Chopin with an achingly beautiful Scherzo. Killer technique accompanied by bravura passion — elation, triumph. After hearing this, who could believe they don’t exist in our world? ~ Murray Evans

Debussy – I didn’t know Debussy could sound like that. Even Clair de lune became entirely different. By the end, I felt that even the composers would have been transfixed. Thank you for this amazing afternoon. ~ Dallas Bagby

Nobuyuki’s playing was sublime! ~ Anna Doorenbos

Extraordinary person, Nobuyuki Tsujii. Kudos to Virtuosi Concerts for presenting this highly gifted piano virtuoso. Thank you so much for this wonderful afternoon. ~ Edgar Schrieber

The second half transported us into a supernova of heroic pianism; as if an “old soul” possessed a young man’s body; technically masterful and sublime. ~ Jacqueline Ryz

What a privilege to hear and watch such talent in such an intimate setting. ~ Jackie Radimer

Inner hidden worlds transform the unseen life into sound; the music of a flower as it curls its petalled joy up from the endless ground. ~ Daniel Matthes

The music was beautiful beyond words, and furthermore, the entire concert was so well thought out and organized. Kudos. Thank you! ~ Gretchen Mehmel

Tsujii’s concert and the Thursday film event were wonderful! Thank you! ~ H. Masaki

Tsujii’s concert was greater than words. A valuable event. ~ Yoshi Masaki

It was amazing. He is a fantastic player. I had a wonderful time! ~ Yuka Kose

Incredible!! Thank you Virtuosi for bringing such a talented musician. ~ G. Barton

Heroic transcending performance. I wept at the beauty of it. ~ Shirley Kitchen

Thank you for this! A breathtaking performance from one who is truly a marvel of the stage today. A display of astonishing depth and range of expression; such sparkling delicacy, joyful exuberance and soul-stirring pathos. An exceptional offering. ~ Kris Templin

A phenomenal artist and performance! Thank you for bringing him! ~ Chana Thau

Astounding performance. ~ Desirae Mercer

Bravo Nobu! Bravo Virtuosi! ~ Cal Shell

Move over Horowitz! ~ David Wiseman

Multi-hued glass! Glorious. ~ June Foss

The Nobu Tsujii recital was probably the most amazing live music performance I’ve ever attended, and for that, I wanted to convey my sincere thanks to Harry Strub and his associates.

Suffice it to say that his performance brought me to tears at a number of points during this remarkable event, and I was so emotionally moved by the experience, that I couldn’t even compose myself to “meet the artist” afterwards (for fear of dissolving into a sobbing spectacle).

I greatly enjoy each and every Virtuosi concert that I attend, and appreciated having the opportunity to witness such a wonderful variety of recital and chamber musicians (thanks to your impressive programming). But this concert in particular affected me like no other and prompted me to email you to express my gratitude. I am a delighted subscriber. Kudos to VCI! ~ Andrea Paci, Delighted Subscriber