2013-04-06: Shanghai Quartet

Audience as Critic

April 6, 2013 performance:  Thirtieth Anniversary!shanghai

Weigang Lei and Yi-Wen Jiang, violins; Honggang Li, viola; Nicholas Tzavaras, cello


FRANZ JOSEPH HAYDN:  Quartet No. 53 in D major, Op. 64, No. 5 “The Lark”

DIMITRI SHOSTAKOVICH:  Quartet No. 6 in G major, Op. 101

ANTON DVORÁK:  Quartet No. 14 in A-flat major, Op. 105


A Note from Shanghai Quartet

“It was a lot of fun and they treated us with great thought and appreciation.  Plus the series is quite knowledgeable so performing for them was really pleasurable.” ~ Nick Tzavaras, cello


From our Audience…..

Since your season for 2012/2013 was announced a year ago, I have been looking forward to this concert.  First of all, I am a huge string quartet fan.  2nd, tonight was my 60th birthday. What a wonderful way to celebrate this occasion!  My husband wanted to take me to Montreal to celebrate my birthday with my twin sister, but I refused, wanting to see and hear the Shanghai Quartet instead.  Turned out to be a perfect choice on my part.  Thank you so much for such a magnificent choice in programming.  My favorites were the Shostakovich and the Dvorak.  The emotions these 4 men were able to evoke in me were incredibly gratifying.  The agility, ability, soulfulness, and finesse of each player shone throughout.
Thank-you for making my evening such an enriched one. ~ Moira Swinton

It was definitely worth the trip and well worth the wait – from the first clear, but warm notes, we knew it was going to be a special evening.  The Lark certainly sang and I am sure Papa Haydn would be more than delighted with the perfect balance and the music that came from within each performance.
Shostakovich – Delightful and colourful with seemingly effortless technique.
Dvorak – Intensive and passionate, the performers showed Dvorak’s ability to write great melodies.  The playing was energetic, exciting, all that it should be. In the words of musician Leonard Isaacs, ‘never an ugly note’.
The Chinese Folk Song- The Shepherd’s Song- more beauty ~ Virginia Heinrichs

This concert was very exciting and nice to watch.  All of the musicians were perfectly synchronized and in tune. All the pieces were played with a lot of dedication and hard work. Overall, it was great. ~ Josh Bond  (Age 10)

What a wonderful treat for the last concert.  The Quartet’s “touch” was totally amazing.  The final Folk Song was incredibly beautiful and ‘took’ me to China. Thank you. ~ Mo Tipples

Great program!  What a superb Quartet – togetherness, balance, blend, dynamic range, and harmony.  The varied program showcased their brilliant musicianship, especially the Dvorak, which was terrific!  I enjoyed Mr. Li’s introduction to the Shostakovich, and the encore, Chinese Folk Song- The Shepherd’s Song – was a beautiful ending! ~ Keith Tipples

Absolutely wonderful performance!  Extremely top notch musicians who played beautiful selections.  I greatly enjoyed having the opportunity to be present for such a wonderful string quartet. ~ Luke Ragetti

Great coordination! Awesome pianissimo and fortissimo.  The musicians were very knowledgeable during speeches!  The fast parts were exquisitely timed, and there were no notes that were out of tune.   They looked so relaxed, and the high notes were perfectly clear!  Overall, it was an amazing job! ~  Anonymous (Age11)

My lasting impression of this group will be the outstanding precision of the delivery!  The Haydn – subtle, and perfectly played – it seems so simple.  Shostakovich – typical, almost pleasing and happy.   Dvorak – Heavenly!  Excellent!  And the encore, a wish fulfilled – their own music, and not Chinese, but very ‘Western’.  A beautiful performance! ~ M. Dammermann

What a coup, getting such a world-renowned group to Winnipeg!  Well done! An energetic joy of an evening. ~ Kathy Connor

To The Shanghai Quartet: THANK YOU so very much for playing the Shostakovich S.Q. no. 6. in G major.  It is an astonishingly rich piece like so many of his works, and it is not played often enough.  You played it wonderfully, and filled my soul with love. ~ Sarah Gauntlett

Shanghai Quartet is an extremely passionate ensemble.  Their music is filled with joy, passion and love.  You can’t help but feel moved while being a part of this performance! Wonderful! ~ Madeleine Savoie

After watching the Quartet, I was very inspired to continue my violin playing.  Thanks for the great night. ~ Chris Reidle

Excellent concert. Such highly talented musicians!  Very enjoyable. ~ Anonymous

Excellent concert. ~ Sid Brodovsky