2013-09-21: Gabriela Martinez

Audience as Critic

September 21, 2013 performance

Gabriela Martinez, piano: A Sense of Grace

RACHMANINOFF  Moments Musicaux Opus 16, No. 1 and No. 4
BEETHOVEN  Piano Sonata in A-flat major, Op. 110
BROSSÉ  Nocture No. 1
BARBER  Ballade, Op. 46

BATES  White Lies for Lomax
SZYMANOWSKI  Variations in B-flat minor, Op. 3 

Magnificent!  Strength in the power parts, and delicate in the light moments.  A great pleasure to listen to and enjoy! ~ Brenlee Werner

Beethoven was a fairly emotional person I believe.  The proof of the pudding is the Sonata Op.110 introduced briefly, concisely and with good humour by Gabriela Martinez – and then played by her with great feeling, elegance and spirit!  A spiritual journey indeed!  P.S.  the Szymanowski was brilliant! ~ Don Lawrence

Every bit a virtuoso, Gabriela spoke to us directly and clearly –  describing her choices of the eclectic, interesting, and exquisite pieces themselves.  Captivating!  Lloyd (Axworthy’s speech) was an added treat! ~ Sue Weldon

Very original selections of songs for the programme.  Beethoven, Brossé and Barber – very fine playing.  Beautiful to watch both as a person and her technique.  The phrasings were very fine and carried you along and made sense emotionally.  Extraordinary touch in the soft, legato parts.  Great and exciting contrast with loud parts.  Modern composers selected were very enjoyable.  After the last piece, I was pumped! ~ Carole Bhakar

Did you hear the ghost of Rachmaninov in the Barber?  What power (and delicacy) in her playing! ~ Don Bailey

Amazing concert!  Such talent.  I loved it all.  Thank you. ~ anonymous

Enjoyed Beethoven and Rachmaninov.  Brossé and Barber went well together.  I didn’t see the point of Bates.  Szymanowski returned me to my comfort zone.  This audience member is not knowledgeable enough to be a critic. ~ Robert Thomas

Gabriela is the consummate pianist…. she has flawless technique, a huge dynamic range, and exquisite phrasing. But her greatest gift is the ability to put it all together and create the “long line” through a piece, the true calling of a musician. ~ Arthur Kempan