2013-10-05: Fine Arts Quartet and Michael Kim



Fine Arts Quartet

Ralph Evans and Efim Boico, violins; Juan-Migel Hernandez, interim viola; Robert Cohen, cello

Guest Artist, Michael Kim, piano

MOZART: Quartet in C Major, K-465, “Dissonant”

DEBUSSY: Quartet in G Minor Op.10

SCHUMANN: Quintet for Piano and Strings in E- flat major, Op.44

The Debussy was enthralling with its variations and brilliant execution.  The quartet is not only “Fine” – they are the finest we’ve heard at Virtuosi.   C.S.

An unusual Mozart, an extraordinarily hauntingly beautiful Debussy, and the Schumann, executed all in superb harmony.  You could feel the joy of the musicians.  A promising beginning of the season.  Thank you!   M.D.

Wonderful concert!  The performance of the Schumann especially was fantastic.  It was exciting, passionate – a peak experience!  Thank you Michael Kim and The Fine Arts Quartet!   B.W.

Mozart at its best – second movement showed wonderful interplay of parts and perfectly arched phrases and, that showed each instrument part emphasized Mozart’s skill for melody. The last movement showed Mozart’s operatic side – with the conversation going back and forth.  Debussy – a whole new palette of colour, with strands woven together to show different facets of sound from each player. Some rich warm sounds, especially from the viola and cello, played with the French finesse. Schumann – intensely warm tone from each artist – a full orchestral sound with a perfect break- enough warmth to raise the temperature by 20 degrees. Impeccable attention to all details of phrasing and rubato from each player. Fabulous.   V.H.

Very elegant and sensitive playing.  So joyful and flowing!   Anon.

It was a very enjoyable concert.  I hope to see more.  It was very moving.   Paige

Have you ever been sprayed in the face by gilding and butterflies and chalcedony and alabaster, and emeralds? For this is Mozart; and Debussy is to be neck- deep in a pond of blushing dusk, and Schumann? What shall I say? A fist of harmony against the very throat, so sweetly so.   D.M.

A magnificent concert! Brilliant and musical ensemble. A joy to experience. The Debussy was superb.   P.T.

Spectacularly together. Mary loved the Schumann; so did I of course.   J.T.

A treat in all ways! Great combo + outstanding performance. Invigorating. Reviving. How much excellence was brought to this hall tonight! Thank you so much.   G.W.

I have never enjoyed Debussy so much!  A great pastel of colours, so expressively played.  A painting of the landscape?  An in depth look at our soul?  It matters not.  It just flowed around me and within me!   D.L.

The Debussy was indescribably complex, challenging, exciting and beautiful.  The whole concert was exceptionally fine.   D.B.

Excellent concert – Program and musicians.  Kudos to Michael Kim.   E.P.

Very beautiful playing, elegant, forceful, lyrical as the music required.  I would prefer fewer glissandos in the first violin, however.   L.D.

Masters of their instrument – Superb timing, they play well together.  Would have liked to have heard some Beethoven.   L.F.

Excellent in every way. Thank you.   D.B.

Excellent concert as usual. All the performers were first class.   Anon.

Second movement of Debussy intriguing with the plucking.  Third movement beautiful, wonderfully orchestrated and performed. Superb dialogue between piano and strings. Loved it.   S.K.

It is wonderful to have world- class musicians perform in such an intimate venue.  Thanks to Harry, Virtuosi and its sponsors.   Anon.

Simply wonderful. Thank you for explaining Dissonant – I never knew.   Brian

Very good.  Marvelous playing.   H.T.