2014-01-25 – Rustem Hayroudinoff: Weep, Sing, Sigh

Audience as Critic


Rustem Hayroudinoff, piano

1. Virginia Heinrichs Comments: We may need some new superlatives to describe Mr. H.

Dazzling technique – this combined with supreme musicality makes for a wonderful treat for our ears. Chopin had just the right flavour of rubato and pizzazz to make it admirable.  Rachmaninoff- If strings and hammers can be made to sing, Mr. H. certainly is a master at it. Wonderful lyricism and warmth from him. Strauss- Certainly great fun + love of music displayed in his technical character is pure. A great talent and a great evening of music.

2. M. Dammerman Comments: First- class concert as usual. Under the hands of this pianist every single piece became monumental, but also tender at times. An evening not easily forgotten. Thank you!

3. Keith Tipples Comments: Absolutely brilliant! Incredibly strong fingers and great control. Powerful and sensitively smooth transitions between moods. Beautiful dynamic ranges. Fantastic, fast,  intricate playing, all with feeling! Bravo!

4. Mo Tipples Comments: Precise, clean and clear performance. Incredible. We will never see hands like this again. Thanks.

5. Anton Plesca Comments: Amazing and inspiring.

6. Murray Evans Comments: Splendid conceptions . Lovely tone colours in his Chopin. Rachmaninoff top of the top drawer- worthy of the master himself.

7. P. Thomson Comments: A well- conceived program. Such wonderful tonal colours, prodigious technique, and innate musicality. Thank you.

8. Dr. Marcello Venditti Comments: I had the fortune of sitting in the front row, and have been changed after what I saw. I was privileged to witness the technical wizardry of a Kissin and Lugansky with the sensitive maturity and development of a Richter. In short, the finest piano recital I have ever seen. The program was exceptionally varied and polished, and Rustem’s skill was beyond compare. I am indebted to those organizers for bringing in a talent unequalled to anything I have seen before. Please assure me that every effort will be made to bring Rustem back in any capacity- and I will be there.