2014-03-22 The Calidore String Quartet


Calidore String Quartet (Photo: Jeffrey Fasano)


Jeffrey Myers and Ryan Meeham, violins; Jeremy Berry, viola; Estelle Choi, cello

Pre-concert performance by David Liam Roberts, cello, playing the Prelude from Bach’s Cello Suite No. 4.


Beethoven: Quartet No.1 in F major, Op.18

Osvaldo Golijov: Tenebrae

Mendelssohn: Quartet No.2 in A minor, Op.13

Audience Comments:

David Roberts: Amazing talent and poise; rich clear tone and sensitive phrasing and dynamics; an exciting possibility for a great career. The Calidore Quartet had an extraordinary clear vibrato sound with perfect togetherness. No one was ever out of phase.  I think they even breathed together. Exciting to listen to. Golijov: As my students would say, “simply awesome”. (VH)

David Liam Roberts (Photo: Trevor Hagan - Winnipeg Free Press)

Nice to hear 14 year-old David. Great quartet. Wonderful people. (LA)

Calidore String Quartet was excellent. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved Beethoven and Mendelssohn. David Liam Roberts was also very good, and a polished speaker. (AG)

David Roberts: amazing! Calidore SQ: Beethoven – excellent performance. Golijov- beautifully performed. Mendelssohn – great energy. The quartet was totally together. (MPL)

Brilliant. Beethoven – incredible musicianship and awareness of each other. Theatrical facial expressions in their bodies and eyes. Golijov – an amazing musical description of space was there with them, even as the debris went wildly by and left me in peace again. Mendelssohn – A very long argument, but I don’t know if it was solved. (MT)

Superb, magical playing. They wrote the book on a “tight group”. The Beethoven was flawless + played with passion and bravado. The Golijov was ethereal and moving. Could be Chris Hadfield’s theme song. The Mendelssohn! Young love with all its passion, power, beauty, ecstasy, and sadness, all experienced with emotive playing. Whew! Glad I’m not 18 anymore. (RS)

Excellent concert! Wonderful blend, energy, feeling, expression and coordination! Brilliant teamwork! Great choice of music. The Golijov was particularly moving. (KT)

Superb quartet playing. Very effective use of minimal vibrato in the slow movement of the Beethoven. Very sprightly tempo in the last movement of the Beethoven. Thanks for bringing us this quartet! (LD)

Airy precision, deep without being heavy. Tenebrae by Golijov a revelation. (GM)

Loved the Beethoven and the Tenebrae- beautiful, sensitive. Lovely evening. (AO)

Fantastic players, fantastic performance. I hope they come back again. (HT)

Beethoven- meticulous playing, beautiful interpretation. They are welcome again anytime. Tenebrae- Very lovely feeling. Mendelssohn – FANTASTIC. (ET)

One of the best quartets we have had in Winnipeg. Thoroughly enjoyable. (ES)

Simply amazing! (NB)

(Note: The Calidore Quartet replaced the Parker Quartet, who could not appear due to a scheduling conflict)