2014-09-20 Jeremy Findlay and Elena Braslavsky

The Audience as Critic – Saturday, September 20, 2014




Beethoven: Sonata for Piano and Cello in G minor, Op. 5, No. 2

Gemrot: Variations on a Theme by Dvorak for Piano and Cello (2010)

Barnes: “Lamentations of Jeremiah” for solo cello (1959)

Chopin: Sonata for Piano and Cello in G minor, Op. 65

Audience Comments:

Simply put, the video screens are a bad idea.  They add nothing of value and diminish the experience by distracting. Is nowhere safe from the video invasion? Let the Jets have their Jumbotron and keep the concert hall pure. (DP)

Wonderful concert. Thank you. But please lose the “flying piano”. It is distracting, fragmenting. Must every technology be employed just because it exists? I am weary of “innovation” and “enhancements”, and vote instead for a purer, uncluttered experience. Love the music!! (HF)

Piano in the Sky is a horrible distraction. Boo! Hiss!! I like sound. Musicians were enjoyable, especially Beethoven! Extra kudos. (AW)

Beautiful legato playing of piano. Screen must be helpful to many less fortunately seated. Unlike one of our neighbours, we did not turn off our hearing aids (during Gemrot only, one hopes) (MT)

Beethoven very expressively played. Lovely contrast between expressive(?) and allegro. Lovely soft playing. Gemrot not my favourite. (Video seems a split second behind sound) Enjoyed the Barnes. Very sensitive. Passionate Chopin. (BK)

I really appreciate Piano in the Sky. Gives you a different perspective and relieves neck tension. (Anon)

Prefer that skycam had a view of keyboard only. (W)

Concert great. I found video distracting. Perhaps it is angle of camera. (DB)

Piano in the Sky is distracting. (AW)

The screens are great. Is there a way of showing the faces of the musicians to show their emotions as they play? Excellent, soulful musicians. (Anon)

We just saw the tops of the musicians’ heads in the mirrors. Lovely concert!!! (ED)

Love the Piano in the Sky. Our seats are very good and we have a great view of the pianist, but it’s nice to have the added dimension. (Anon)

Two experienced and mature musicians in a vibrant and exciting performance. Fully in tune with the music and each other. I really enjoyed the spirit of Beethoven which they shared with us. Come again, please. And thanks for the music from the 20th and 21st centuries! (DL)

Beethoven – wonderful – the first movements like and intimate conversation, hushed and beautiful. Second movement – move like a dance between the instruments – perfectly synchronized. The third movement – dramatic – a celebration! Gemrot – exciting with both artists revealing their enviable technique individually but totally making a great combo. Barnes – intensely expressive – great depth of feeling as expressed by the artist and audibly by the cellist. Chopin – just the right amount of delicacy and brilliance, flavoured with (?) piano and cello complimenting one another to make a perfect whole. Chopin’s music is always beautiful. This was beauty doubled. (VH)