2015-01-24 Ensemble Caprice

The Audience As Critic – Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ensemble Caprice Photo: Bill Blackstone


Matthias Maute, Sophie Larivière, recorders/flutes
David Jacques, baroque guitar
Susie Napper, baroque cello
Ziya Tabassian, percussion


Santiago de Murcia (1673-1739)

Anonyme (publié à Cuzco, Perú, 1631)
Hanacpachap cussicuinin

Antonio Martín y Coll (c.1660-c.1740)
Chacona (coll. Flores de música)

Santiago de Murcia (1673-1739)

Andrea Falconieri (1586-1656)
La suave melodia

Diego Ortiz (publ. 1553)
Doulce mémoire

Santiago de Murcia (1673-1739)

Gaspar Fernandes (c. 1570-1629)
Xicochi Conetzintle

Antonio Martín y Coll (c.1660-c.1740)
Pasacalles de 2o tono

Santiago de Murcia (1673-1739)

Juan de Araujo (1648-1712)
Los coflades de la estleya

Antonio Martín y Coll (c.1660-c.1740)
Differenzias sobre la Gayta

Antonio Martín y Coll

Andrea Falconieri (1586-1656)
La Folia

Domenico Zipoli (1668-1726)

Anonyme (coll. Truxillo del Perú II, c. 1780)
Lanchas para baylar

Domenico Zipoli

Santiago de Murcia (1673-1739)
La Jota

Antonio Martín Y Coll
(collection Flores de música)
Temblante estilo italiano

Henry de Bailly (c. 1585-1637)
(extrait de : Ballet de la follie)
Yo soy la locura

Antonio de Salazar (c. 1650-1715)

Antonio Martín y Coll (c.1660-c.1740)
Discurso con ecos

Antonio Martín Y Coll
Danza del hacha

Antonio Martín (late 17th century)

Anonyme (trad. Argentine)

Heinrich Ignaz Biber (1644-1704)
Chaconne (The Nightwatch)

Juan García de Zéspedes (1619-1678)
Convidando está la noche

Audience Comments:

Bravo!! Thanks so much for bringing in these wonderful musicians from Montreal! Fabulous show. Bring more early music! (RB)

What a great and different evening! Excellent blend by first rate musicians. The show was put together in a very flowing and interesting way. Well done! (KT)

A delightful deviation from other concerts- hope you continue the tradition. Thank you! (AA)

These musicians are fantastic! It is amazing what you can do with a recorder. The percussionist was out of this world. An unforgettable experience and you find many at Virtuosi Concerts. (HT)

Absolutely delightful! Transposed pieces. Beautiful melodies. We need more early music of his quality in town and in Virtuosi Concerts. Truly wonderful music. A charming host. More early music please!!! (PM)

One of the best examples of how extensive is the sound of music and how it travels from country to country. (MT)

Could have done without the clapping. Too much flute. Timing seemed off at times. Would have been more entertaining as a theatre piece. Talented guitarist, drummer seemed bored. The storytelling kept it entertaining. (TB)

Fantastic. Beautifully played and wonderful music. They can come back any time. (ET)

Salsa Baroque was an outstanding event. Glad to finally see Baroque on the menu. Loved it. I’d rate it A+ +. Way to go. It’s about time!  (RH)

One of the most original Virtuosi concerts I have attended. I am pleased to listen to musicians from Quebec in Winnipeg. (Anon.)

Love this earlier (earlier than usual) early music. Would like more in your season. (Anon.)

More early music, please! (Anon.)

Fascinating, delightful, and most interesting, but more comfortable than a dark clammy old castle. Just enough authenticity. Great fun to hear and watch the skill and enthusiasm of the performers. A wonderful musical journey. (VH)

A welcome change in pace (Anon.)

Loved it. Fun music. A nice bit of warmth on a cold winter night. (AW)

Wonderful, virtuosic playing. Please bring in more early music groups more often. (PH)

Brilliant playing, intriguing repertoire. Early music is a voyage to a strange land that we should visit more often! (MH)

Bravo! Bring on early music! Lovely repertoire, especially for a January eve. (KB)

Best ever discussion between segments. Delightful music making, all musicians great! (DW)

Ensemble Caprice was a delightful excursion into the Baroque, and a welcome addition to the Classical and Romantic repertoire usually featured. Should we contemplate venturing in the other direction to Salsa music and the “modern classical” repertoire?  Kudos for taking risks. (GF)

Wonderful concert! Didn’t want it to end. (BG)