2015-02-07 Fauré Piano Quartett

The Audience as Critic – Saturday February 7, 2015

The Fauré Piano Quartett Photo: Matt Hennek


Dirk Memmertz, piano
Erika Geldsetzer, violin
Sascha Frömblin, viola
Konstantin Heidrich, cello


Mahler: Piano Quartet in A minor “Klavierquartettsatz”

Fauré: Piano Quartet No. 1 in C minor, Op. 15

Brahms: Piano Quartet No. 1 in G minor, Op. 25

Audience Comments:

Wonderful passionate playing, excellent ensemble and some interesting repertoire. One of the best concerts in this season. (LD)

I really liked the concert. The musicians played so passionately and joyfully. It was so nice to watch and listen. The music sounded like life itself – sometimes lively, sometimes sad, sometimes fun. It was great to be part of the concert tonight. (NM)

Wonderful. (Anon)

This was unbelievable from the first to the last note! What a concert! I hope they will be back. (UE)

Mahler: Great combination of passion and tenderness. Ending was a surprise – a slow pluck? Fauré: Adagio movement was wonderfully melodic; piano playing in 4th movement was outstanding. Bravo Brahms! Makes me forget about the cold. (SK)

Wonderful players. I loved the Brahms. I wished they had played Beethoven too. (HT)

A hushed gentle opening leading to a passionate intense climactic point – Mahler at his emotional best. Fauré: A beautiful tapestry of sound; all the threads woven together perfectly. Why Fauré? No question – sheer beauty and enjoyment – music for the soul. Brahms: Spectacular. All colours were displayed, everything from dance to solemnity. Each musician great in themselves but even greater as a quartet. We could run out of superlatives. (VH)

Excellent musicians. The tone and the music was beautiful. I would like to hear them again anytime. Brahms: Wow! I’d like to hear them play Beethoven. I would like to hear them again anytime. (ET)

Four wonderful musicians, each a master of their own instrument, playing as one with intensity, intelligence, and 100% commitment. A+++++. And, on top of all, that they seemed to be enjoying themselves! (DL)

And the music – wasn’t that outstanding? Every item on the program was so well chosen and magnificently played. As close to perfection as I expect to hear for a long time to come (RT)