2015-03-21 Octagon

The Audience as Critic – Saturday, March 21, 2015


Martin Beaver, Mark Fewer, violins
Rivka Golani, viola
Rachel Mercer, cello
Joe Phillips, double bass
James Campbell, clarinet
Kathleen McLean, bassoon
Ken MacDonald, French horn

Pre-Concert Performance of Bach’s Partita No. 3 in E major, BWV 1006: Preludio by Gregory Lewis, violin. (Winner of the Aikins Memorial Trophy and the Victor Feldbrill Trophy at the Winnipeg Music Festival on Saturday, March 14, 2015)


Beethoven: Septet in E flat major, Op. 20

Schubert: Octet in F major D.803

Audience Comments:

1st half sensational. 2nd half sensational x2. (SP)

Some vocal music please. (Anon)

An incredible performance. Unbelievable experience sitting 3 feet from the performers on the stage. (Anon)

Incredible. Sitting on the stage was inspiring and entertaining. I hope you do it again in the future! Thank you so much! (EG)

Wonderful ensemble playing. Of course all instruments are equal, but special recognition should go to Mark Fewer and Martin Beaver for absolutely stunning playing. Loved the solos from many other players too. (LD)

Where do you start? (MT)

Octagon! Awesome concert! Loved sitting on the stage. (CB)

Wonderful Beethoven. First violinist was wow. The whole ensemble was wonderfully enjoyable. Interesting to hear all the instruments together. Schubert was clear. Every music lover should have been here. (ET)

Superb music played by superb players. What a treat!! I’d like to hear them again soon!! (HT)

Absolutely beautiful, and the venue is so intimate – it’s perfect! I will be spreading the word about these concerts to my family and friends! (KK)

Loved [pre-concert performance by] Gregory Lewis. I’d say he’s destined for Julliard. I’d love a concert where he plays both piano and violin! (ES)