2013-10-26 – Mordecai Shehori, Poet and Daredevil

Audience as Critic

Mordecai Shehori, Piano

LULLY: Suite de Pieces

BEETHOVEN: Sonata No. 30 in E Major, Op.109

CHOPIN: Bolero in A minor, Op.19

DEBUSSY: Reflets dans l’eau (Images Book 1)


Etude- Tableau in A minor, Op.39, No.6

Etude- Tableau in D minor, Op. 39, No.8

Prelude in G major, Op. 32, No.5

Prelude in C minor, Op.23, No.7

“Daisies” in F major, Op.38, No.3

Etude- Tableau in D major, Op.39 No. 9

SAINT-SAENS: Danse Macabre (Liszt/ Horowitz)

(plus three encores)

1. This concert was pure magic. Mr. Shehori’s pianistic skills were so amazing. The voicing and phrasing were the best I’ve ever heard.  I.K.

2. It is very hard to express one’s feelings about tonight’s music: it doesn’t seem to come from hands and fingers, but from deep inside; nothing mechanical about it. I’m deeply moved and full of admiration for the artist. Simply superb.  M.D.

3. Mordecai Shehori is an amazing pianist, and a delightful raconteur. Another Virtuosi Concert winner. Thanks Harry for bringing us these gems.  C.S.

4.  Outstanding! A treat to hear piano played by such an outstanding virtuoso. The whole concert was sensational. What a treat!  Anonymous

5.  Hooray for Mr. Shehori and his humour! His insightful comments on the composer and piece before he played allowed me to appreciate and enjoy the music he played so excellently. I get the best of the season!  M.F.

6.  Wonderful. He played his interpretation with love and the sound of a full concert orchestra. The strange tones were enchanting. His low notes were like a bass drum. The high notes were softer than shimmering snowflakes.   Bravo!  R.K.H.

7.  Plays like a dream, and very entertaining as well. I really enjoyed his explanations of the pieces he played. Haunting rendition of the Beethoven.  L.W.

8.  The fluidity of the interpretation left me without words. The piano, the music, and Maestro Shehori magically merged!  I.L.

9.  Excellent performance! He was such a delightful character and I enjoyed every second of it.  N.F.

10. Very warm evening with very interesting comments; very interesting playing. Some may have objected to the use of the pedal in the Lully and the Beethoven, but the second half was very enjoyable.  L.D.

11. Extraordinary. I loved his little talks.  M.T.

12. Memorable!  A.C.

13. Wonderful. Such control.  S.R.

14. His interpretation is true to the composers’ wishes.  L.H.

15. Fluid, lyrical playing. Gorgeous sound.  H.Z.

16. A wonderful pianist and a delightful story teller. Bring him back soon.  C.R.

17. Such a romantic virtuoso.  S.L.

18. Very talented musician and very comical. We loved this virtuoso.  C.B.

19.  It was easy to follow the contours of the Lully pieces; Shehori took us around the Circle of 5ths very carefully played – a captivating reading of that composer.  In fact, his thoughtful playing continued throughout the evening and I found that after a while it was perhaps a little much. However, I learned so much from hearing his approach that I want to experiment with it myself.  I haven’t had the courage or the confidence to be so free and relaxed, letting the phrases fully speak, each one contributing to the next as he does.  I really loved this music lesson, which was so much more than a “lesson.”  And the passages he had trouble with in the Beethoven: also instructive, with his comments after.  To make you feel humble that he dealt with it so well!  A rare evening.  M.G.

Compiled by J. S.