Volante Vento

Hello Friends,

I am pleased to present the next Virtuosi Concert ‘Ports Of Call’ performed by Volante Vento – Saturday, March 16 @ 8 pm.
Volante Vento is comprised of Jesse Read, Milan Milosevic, and Cary Chow – with special guest artist Ryszard Tyborowski.

Volante Vento means “Fast Winds”, reflecting the virtuosity of bassoonist Jesse Read and clarinetist Milan Milosevic, coloured by Cary Chow’s lyrical pianism.  They all are currently at the University of British Columbia.

We will travel to exotic, musical ports of call including Vienna, Portugal, Germany, Argentina, Russia – and Winnipeg on the Red. Our composers include Moniz Pereira, Frederico Valerio, Astor Piazzolla, Johannes, Brahms. Felix Mendelssohn, Mikhail Glinka, and Winnipeg’s own Sid Robinovitch.

The two major featured works are by Brahms and Sid Robinovitch – two names you might not expect to see in the same sentence.

Brahms’ great clarinet Sonata No. 2 in E flat major, Op. 120 (1894) was his final published piece. It contains a wealth of long-limbed lyrical melody. Music-lovers are gratified that Brahms’ new interest in the clarinet as an important instrument for chamber music served to rescue Brahms from the brink of retirement as a composer.

Sid Robinovitch is far from retirement, we are happy to say. He is one of our most performed classical composers. His KLEZMER IN GRENADA SUITE was originally commissioned by Milan Milosevic when Milan was a resident of Winnipeg and appeared on Virtuosi Concerts.  Sid has re-worked the music for the Volante Vento ensemble and we will hear two movements called SULTRY and LEBEDIK.

Klezmer music is infectious; LEBEDIK means lively; this finale will make us feel 20 years younger leaving the hall.


On another note, below is a letter from the lovely Rachel Mercer, the cellist from the memorable MYR Trio concert on October 20th.

Dear Harry,

Happy (late) new year!
I turned on the radio today to hear a very familiar Schubert!  They broadcast the MYR trio today.  If you’d like to direct your audience to the link, it can be heard, again and again, here: (press the ‘Play’ arrow under the photo of the MYR trio).

Thank you again for the opportunity and I’m thrilled to hear the performance!

Best wishes, Rachel


Thanks for joining me.  Until next time,